Sensible steps to improve education

The U.S. cannot do well if we don't have a well educated and highly trained workforce.

Even though our government and NGOs have spent tens of billions of dollars in recent years trying to improve our grade-school students' performance, most American children continue to fall behind their counterparts in a number of Asian and Western European countries due to many factors. It is high time that we took effective steps to help our youth.

To effectively reform our education, we should put emphasis on teaching our kids the 3 R's, train them to think critically, provide an environment that fosters creativity, and make learning a fun experience. Furthermore, music and art should be part of the curriculum as they can help us relax. It is also important that we hire teachers who are competent and enjoy teaching.

Since most under-achievers in our schools come from problem parents, we should work on curbing teen pregnancy and educating individuals of child-bearing age about the consequences of having children they cannot afford and the time, energy and costs required to raise healthy and happy children.

Because our schools are overflowing, we must work on stabilizing our population by encouraging small families and reducing immigration, the driving force behind U.S. population growth, to a sustainable level.